Department of Mechanical

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest branches of Engineering and this course is available in almost all engineering colleges across India. Mechanical engineering is really a broad field of engineering. Because of its application. It has an application right from manufacturing plants, vehicles, ships, robots, heating and cooling systems, air crafts, even in medical devices.

During the first year of Mechanical Engineering Degree, students learn common engineering methods, mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering design. From second year they are exposed to specialised subjects like mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials science energy…etc. Mechanical Engineering students after graduation will have the knowledge of these engineering concepts and will be ready to use them for industry.


List of Laboratories:


  • Basic Workshop
  • Machine Shop
  • Special Machines lab consisting of Milling Machine, Shaping Machine Capstone & Torrent Lathe, CNC Machine etc..
  • Fluid Machinery Lab
  • Strength of Materials & Machinery Lab
  • I.C Engines Lab
  • Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
  • Dynamics Lab
  • Metrology & Measurement Lab
  • Mechatronics Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab Equipped with modern soft wares

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